Series 1 : Episode 1
Is really expensive coffee worth it?
In this episode Jools is looking for an expensive coffee for an anniverasry gift. We speak with Rachel Petersen of Hacienda la Esmeralda and Janice Girardi of BAWA (Bali Animal Welfare Association) as we try and find the perfect coffee for her.
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Series 1 : Episode 2
Am I damaging the planet with my coffee habit?
Be warned: this episode may change your coffee drinking habits forever.Jools and Scott answer the question: what's the easiest way to massively reduce the environmental costs of your coffee? What if the reusable cup trend is actually a waste of everyone's time and energy?
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Series 1 : Episode 3
Certified Coffee: Marketing hype or real world impact?
What coffee should we choose to save the environment and support farmers the most?Certifications claim to solve this problem. But do they?Scott and Jools embark on a journey to help a friend of the show figure out which is better: Rainforest Alliance or Organic.
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Series 1 : Episode 4
Stimulating stories or fantastic flavours: what sells coffee?
Behind every cup of a coffee is a farmer. What happens when you reach out and get to know who they are?
"Scott and Jools put to the test whether a coffee farmer's story is more powerful than the flavours in the cup.
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Series 1 : Episode 5
Prove the coffee snobs wrong… Instantly!
As we all move to drinking better quality coffee is there still a place left for cheap instant coffee? Jools and Scott put to the test whether everyday coffee drinkers prefer instant coffee over specialty.... in coffee desserts? Learn how to make homemade icecream and tiramisu by sticking around to the end of the episode.
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Series 1 : Episode 6
Coffee Cycle Saturdays
For this final episode of Season One, we're brewing up something a little different.
Jools shares her personal story growing up to Caribbean parents, living life with depression, her love of cycling, and how it all came together with Coffee Cycle Saturdays.
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